Car Rental

Our Taxi Service is designed to meet all sorts of your needs.

For normal tourist who wants privacy and wants to go on your own, we can provide you a car and a driver for a length of your stay. Charges will vary depending on length of stay, and places that you like to travel. We welcome your enquires and we are happy to provide you a quotation. All enquires please direct to

If you are coming to Yangon or Nay Pyidaw and you have different places to go, you can get a driver and a car at your disposal. Our driver can pick you up at the airport of your choice and you can go on with your journey. Arrangements are free and easy, your hotel stays and other travel needs such as plane tickets can be arranged beforehand as well.

There are a few destinations that you will love to go and see with your own driver and a car. Burma is a wide flat land populated by friendly and fun loving people. To most part of the country, you can access by car. Only a few mountainous areas, tourists are not advised to go due to security reasons. I met a British at Ngapali restaurant who comes to Burma to stay one month every year at a beach hotel. He said he just loves talking and living among Burmese people. I heard about a French guy stay at Pindaya hotel lives alone because he loves to stay solitary, He made no contacts with outside people except for delivery of food and other essentials for 6 strait months. We met one monk staying alone on the way during our car ride coming back from Thandwe. Burma is awaiting for new travelers who like to explore   its vast area of land.


The beach resort is situated at the shores of Anderman sea. Thandwe can be reached by plane as well as by road.

There are two ways to go to Thandwe by car. One is to go to Pyi, a town about 400 km away from Yangon, about 5 hours drive. If you leave Yangon in mid day you can reach there early in the evening. Hotel rates are relatively cheap. You can visit local attractions there too.

Next morning after breakfast you can cross the Irrawaddy river and you start your journey across Yakhine Yoma. The road was built by British, but there are not much traffics due to lack of proper road maintenance, but you can enjoy beautiful scenery along the way. You will reach a town call Taung Goke where you can have your lunch and next 2 hours you can be in Ngapali beach hotels.

Another way is to go through a town called Gwa, which is situated at the middle of Yakhine Yoma. Gwa is at  least 3 hours away from the nearest civilization, you will see a British built road but you have to go through the most pristine stage of human civilization along the way. This route is about 50 miles shorter, but you have to sleep at Gwa if you leave Yangon after breakfast. From Yangon you go due west across the Irrawaddy delta and you will reach a town called Nga Thaing Chaung. Then you have to leave the human civilization for a while before you reach Gwa. No proper hotels are there but locally built houses can be rented for a night and it is very cheap to stay there.


The new road to Mandalay will give you a chance to travel to Pagan by car. It is about 4/5 hours to Naypyidaw and another 4/5 hours to Pagan or Mandalay as well. The beauty of going by your own car is that you can stop anywhere that you want and you can do lots of sight seeing as you need. In Pagan itself, you just need to pull out your map and ask your driver to go see the place. Depending on how much you want to find out about a place, you can spend your time in each places as needed.

You can make a detour on the way to Pagan, a mountain top resort called Popa. Its cool weather and tranquility attracts many visitors and you can get a good night rest at the resort. It is about 2 hours drive from Pagan, you can go to Mt Popa on the way or back from Pagan. It is the advantage you have travelling with your own car.


You can fly to Inlay lake as well as you can go there by road. Going by road you can see town like Kalaw and see the flat land along Irrawaddy river, if you come from Yangon. From Mandalay, it is an easy ride which will take only half a day.


It becomes a famous destination now. People goes to Kyaikhteeyoe to pay homage to the lord Buddha or to fulfill other religious pilgrimage. Going with your own car can give you a chance to pick your own time and to enjoy local food along the way.


New destinations are coming up as time changes. You might need a prior booking for hotels because hotel rooms are limited. But travel from Yangon is easy, you just need to inform the driver where you want to go. It will take half a day drive from Yangon. Hotel standards are catching up too.